Spent 90 minutes with Benny today having structural work done. I’ve had Neuro-Muscular work done for the past several years by a guy I considered a genius....Benny blows him away. As has been said before, if you’re looking for Massage Envy....go there. If you need the kind of work this man found the guy. Book it....just don’t snake my spot.

Update - for several years I’ve had radio frequency ablation done on a nerve in my neck in order to reduce the pain enough to be functional. Along with that I’ve had Neuro-muscular work done to help and still I would turn my shoulders instead of my head (picture Frankenstein). Docs were talking about fusing vertebrate and I was leaning towards doing that when I found Benny. With him, I’ve stopped the ablation....and I have full range of motion where I did not prior to Benny. Surgery is not a consideration any longer.

The man is a genius.....but you have to have the courage to let him do his thing. I won’t hurts a lot, but then I’m probably a worst case scenario. Take max dosage of your favorite pain med prior to....grit your teeth, yell if you need to....but let him do it. It works. I get better every day. I think he may fix this entirely....which is shocking for me to say considering where I was prior to BENNY! Do it.
— Bill S. 8/16 Severe Neck Injury

”Benny came into our cafe a few weeks ago and my business partner informed him about some nerve and muscular issues I was having. The worst of them was in my left hand. I just opened my own restaurant and am still doing quite a bit of the work..not having my hand is bad news. It’s been 3 sessions with Benny since..and while painful, the sessions have undeniably improved my condition..after the last session, I regained full feeling in my hand! It’s been months since I could feel my fingers”
— Tim F 7/17 Carpal Tunnel Sufferer
Benny has been applying structural bodywork, as needed, for approximately 2 years. I have been able to overcome several health crises due to his knowledge and abilities, including the prevention of surgery. I have 10 specialists that I see on a regular basis, and they are amazed at how well I am recovering. I’ve already started the process of stopping certain medications, and titrating off of others. Benny is just as, if not more, important than the doctors I see. “
— Tara J. 6/17