People spend much of their lives in pain that seems to have no discernible source.  Yet embedded in all of your muscles and fascia is the nervous system.  Since muscle moves the bones and the joints, it stands to reason that that pain that you feel can be affected by influencing muscles.  

Each massage is customized using techniques from Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular work, and Structural Bodywork.   Structural Bodywork is not relaxing at times, but the results of it can be seen in the photo above, with Benny's muscle spasms keeping him crooked.  One session released that and enabled him to stand up straight.

This type of massage will use intent directed focus and deep work that can be intense and expressive as the body senses what muscles and nerves it has forgotten.   Yet, by using this technique, fascia can be released, and muscles realigned, assisting the body in healing time and relief from the pain.   

Think of the arm socket for example.  It's a partial joint held on to your shoulder by muscles.  If some of these muscles experience shortening from the normal muscle length, then you could put pressure on areas of the joint, creating pain in the area, usually opposite of the problem.

 An initial interview will provide assessments of body structure, work and play habits as well as chronic posture that the body "remembers" as normal.  After the session, THM uses Recreational Therapy to contribute towards modifying chronic habits that affect your muscle and joint pain.  With this new awareness of how to promote a habit, you can start a new lifestyle that leads to massage as a tool to maintain your new posture.


Our office is located in the Living Harmony Healing Center.  There is a blue residential house with two parking spaces in front.  I will be waiting outside for you.


I am an individual who is hoh/deaf.  Please text, email or send a carrier pigeon should the need arise to communicate.