Benny has been a Recreational Therapist since 2002 and a Massage Therapist since 2009.  Receiving his massage training from, Steiner Education Group, a leader in the massage /spa industry, Benny focused on Sports Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, and Structural Bodywork.  

Combining Recreational Therapy and Massage Therapy, Benny takes a holistic approach to combating your body's health issues.  Focusing on Neuromuscular therapy and Bodywork, he attempts to assist you with your chronic pains.  When the massage is concluded, Benny often offers health tips, body re-patterining exercises and lifestyle changes that will help you to maintain your overall body mechanics.

When not massaging, Benny can be found working as a Real Estate agent with AdSizzle Realty Inc, traveling around the US, and mentoring new entrepreneurs.